Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of Your Business with MIE Trak Pro ERP Software

By MIE Solutions UK Ltd
schedule13th Aug 19

MIETrak Pro streamlines operations across the entire workflow process and provides maximum efficiency with an immediate ROI. The leading MRP production control software tool in its class, MIETrak Pro is easy to install, implement and use.

Reduce Administration

Both wasted time and mistakes cost businesses money, so reducing or eliminating them will increase profits. One of MIETrak Pro’s main purposes is to streamline an organisation’s processes through its non-modular MRP production control solution. This is achieved through the system’s ease of use and lack of double entry – with the latter also going a long way to eliminating costly errors. With our MIE Kiosk shop floor data capture designed to accommodate a paperless environment, everything is recorded digitally meaning that the days of trawling through stacks of paper and collating endless spreadsheets that just don’t make sense are consigned to history.

Increase Profit Margins

Increased price competition in manufacturing industries has resulted in increased scrutiny of profit margins. The primary objective of any company is to make money – and to achieve this, increasing profit margins plays a significant role. MRP software solution ensures that all quotes are consistent and that profit margins are maintained across the board. MIETrak provides purchasing power in the form of MRP, the result of which is effective control of all purchasing within the organisation and value for money being ensured.

Increase Efficiency

The efficiency of a manufacturing company separates the best from the rest. MIETrak Pro’s production scheduling software; reporting, dashboards, graphs, and KPI’s ensures that all processes are carried out quickly and accurately and are recorded as such which are paramount to a company’s success. Our production planning software has endless possibilities of analytical data available from within MIETrak, users have greater visibility and are able to directly see where potential issues and shortfalls are coming from, meaning the relevant action can be taken to improve efficiency in areas of the organisation.

Improve Quality Control

Quality Control being a significant element of the workflow processes, it is Integral to our MRP ERP manufacturing software solution. With quality compliance becoming a standard industry requirement, having it as a functional part of integrated MRP software system is vital and accreditations such as ISO9001 require companies to follow set guidelines dominated by quality control. MIETrak Pro’s Quality Control feature gives users the ability to log and track issues, along with always having traceability back to the original job for manufacturing remakes.

Access Essential Data

In the fast paced world in which we now live, capturing and accessing crucial data from the shop floor in real time is essential in making effective strategic decisions. MIETrak Pro provides complete transparency and enables any piece of information to be extracted from within the production planning software system – then reproduce it in any format. This can be in the form of a report, a widget – or our dashboard facility which allows viewing of KPIs in a wide range of graphic and visual representations. Our MRP production tracking software can schedule reports to be sent to specific people at set times of the day, and users can create customised reports using Quickviews.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Our comprehensive quoting feature, MIEQuoteIT creates consistent quotes across the board – and quotation lead times can be captured in order to ensure deadlines are maintained. MIETrak also enables users to schedule far ahead and so identify potential problems long before they actually occur. Our MRP ERP software – such as the Production Overview – use a colour-coded traffic light system to alert users immediately a job has gone over budget or past its schedule – which means that our scheduling software allows users to give timely notification to their customers in the event of any unforeseen problem.