The MIE Approach

By MIE Solutions UK Ltd
schedule23rd Oct 19

Here at MIE we are celebrating our most successful year to date. MIE Trak Pro has remained at the forefront of market leading MRP/production control software solutions for manufacturers thanks to the feedback from our valued customers, our dedicated development team and our ambitious company goals (we’re currently rated 1st for discrete ERP software on G2Crowd!). We also see ourselves as unique to our competitors with the product we offer, the way we do business and the company’s ethos.

Differentiating between ERP/production control systems can be extremely difficult at a glance, so we have put together 3 main reasons as to why MIE Solutions and MIE Trak Pro are unique;


We do not sell MIE Trak Pro in modular format

There are a number of reasons for why our system is supplied as a complete package. We do not believe in having you spend money on part of a package, and then realising later on that you need another module and feeling tied down as you have already invested money in the package. What you pay from the start is it. No extra or hidden charges. 

The other reason comes down to functionality. For example, how is the scheduling going to work efficiently if it is not aware of a material that has not arrived, or if a machine is down due to calibration? There are so many influential factors that can affect so many other departments so we believe the system needs to know it all in order to work at its best.


We have nothing to hide

Here at MIE, we are very transparent in the way we do business. From the initial consultation, we are honest in terms of whether we can offer you the solution you are looking for. We also openly encourage potential clients to speak to our existing customers. They are the best sales tool we have as they are the ones that were in your situation and decided to put their trust in us.


Training and implementation

Unlike a lot of other companies, we do not carry out long implementation plans that last weeks or even months. MIE Trak Pro is extremely easy to use. We have you in for a few days training and support is always available over the phone, or via our online help portal & resource hub. We also do not believe in classroom training - when you come to our office to train then the day is catered to you and you only.


If you would like any more information or would like to discuss your requirements in further detail then please either;

Email us: [email protected]

Call us: 01527 576 444

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